Graphic frame behaviour in extended technique chart

Greetings to all,

I am trying to create an extended technique guide on a blank page in Dorico 2.2 (an image of the extended technique from the score on the left hand side and an explanation in a text frame on the right). The way I am trying to do that is by exporting my score as .PNG and then creating graphic frames on the page where I want the guide to be. Ideally, I would like to use unscaled graphics with anchor points to display only the portion of the score where the extended technique is shown. However, choosing the “unscaled” option in the frame properties changes the size significantly (much bigger if exported at a high res, or sacrificing quality at a low res).

If I crop the image in a graphic editor and use Aspect Fit in Dorico, then I can’t match up the staff size to that in the score precisely and have to make do with rough approximation. Since the graphic is taller than the staff, I can’t just make a 7mm graphic frame. Is there a way to achieve this without meticulously calculation the amount of points per frame? Am I doing something wrong?

I hope my question is clear, and that it hasn’t been discussed previously (quick search didn’t return anything).

You could add new Flows that just show your techniques and then use Music Frames.