Graphic frames: import PDF, EPS?

It seems that the only vector graphics import currently available is SVG. Is support for EPS or PDF planned?

I don’t mind converting stuff to SVG, but I’ve got a large library of ready-made things in the other formats.

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There are no current plans to import either EPS or PDF. It’s unlikely we’ll ever import EPS as we would have to write our own rasteriser etc., but it’s more likely that we will support importing PDFs in future.

Any news in this regard?

Is it (or will it be) possible to import a PDF (svg or anything vectorial for that matter) file that is linked to a graphics frame, meaning that if changed, it would update the frame with the new content automatically?

Imagined use case: I have some quite lengthy and rather complex improvisational explanations (using example music and formatted text) that should appear in both the score and in the relevant parts, near the place where they are needed. I imagine using a whole page for this, actually written in a totally different layout made expressly for this purpose, and then, imported where it is needed in a graphics frame. Otherwise, writing the whole explanation separately in each layout is time consuming… I imagine this should be, ideally, done only once and reused where it is needed. Also, correcting an error would be done only once.

Is there a proper way to do this kind of things in Dorico?

Thank you!

It’s not currently possible to import a graphic in such a way that any changes to the original file will be automatically reflected in the frame in Dorico. We did consider that, but decided against it. We don’t rule it out as something we could support in future, however.


I imagine a proper method of inserting may be useful in the broad context of contemporary music and some complex editorial work, with lots of formatted text beside musical examples, maybe graphics like a facsimile manuscript, measure attached ”musical footnotes” etc… I’m sure that when the time comes to address this issues, Dorico will offer a good native solution, this way or maybe another.