Graphic Glitch - blank arranger window

I keep getting this issue where suddenly loads of my tracks show in my arranger window as blank - RHS of the image below

But if I zoom in and out using the horizontal zoom control it all comes back again

Spec: C13pro, Win 11, i512600k, nvidia3070, focusrite4i4 (4th gen) - all drivers and windows are up to date.

This has no impact on audio performance - and I’m not suffering any other graphics glitches?

I already have the two recommended nvidia settings for vertical sync and Power management enabled for Cubase 13

Btw. isn’t it better to use the graphics settings in Windows? Add Cubase as an application there and then set the GPU mode to high performance in the options. Then the mode is only activated when Cubase is running…

Not sure about that - will give it a go :slight_smile:
(The nvidia settings above are assigned specifically assigned to Cubase )

Ok, you can’t tell from the screenshot whether these are the global settings. Hmmm… but I can’t imagine it fixes the errors. Many people have these issues with Cubase 13, so it’s probably more of a Cubase bug when rendering the UI.

For example, I often don’t see inserts in the new view in the side panel. The GUI element is simply not redrawn correctly or does not pick up the current data. This could be related to your error in the arranger window: missing redrawing of elements or redrawing with changed data

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