Graphic glitch of cubase 12

Just sharing a graphic glitch I am experiencing on a fully upgraded macbook pro M1 (2021).

After succesfully downloading the latest version of Cubase LE (using it for school), I have experienced a graphic glitch which makes the things on the screen appear only when you pass “above” them with the cursor.
It is quite difficult to explain precisely but I have found a youtube video of someone experiencing the same issue, you should search " Graphics problem with Cubase Elements v 12 with macOS Sonoma" by Infinite Knot (sorry I can’t link the video)

I have already tried re-downloading the software, keeping an eye also on how it is downloaded for the macOS system, but while the installation takes place in a perfectly fluid and normal manner, the glitch persists which leads me to believe that it is a problem of optimization for the mac.
If you have any info on possible resolutions or future updates let me know.
Hopefully this’ll help other people with the same issue.

This has been discussed here in the different foren already, it is a problem related to MacOS 14.0. There is a Beta from Apple for 14.1, tested by some people, that fixes the problem.

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I experienced the problem but after installing MacOs 14.1 (no longer a beta) everything is fine