Graphic glitch on instrument names and a couple of requests

Very much enjoying using my iPad to compose on a sunny Scottish staycation!

When I change instrument names I’m coming across a little glitch where the names disappear when selected - see this sceenshot:

[edit: sometimes manifests in popovers too]

There are another couple of notes which you may or may not find useful

  • autocorrect on the iPad is a pain when inputting lyrics - any chance it can be automatically disabled?

  • it would be useful if there was a way of advancing to the next lyric (either dash or space) without relying on the iPad keyboard as it flips un-helpfully between the keyboards in context. Also a way of option-inputting for escaping characters that have semantic meaning e.g. dashes

  • I’m finding selecting notes on the iPad a bit clunky - maybe just the way the selection box appears and how long it takes - also not an altogether great success rate at grabbing the notes I would like. Any improvement here welcome.

  • I tested the limits by trying to open a multi-movement opera for quite a few players and I think 30 or so flows (albeit mostly currently empty)- it hung at 63 percent loaded. Not unexpected but hopefully useful to you.

  • to add to the Apple Pencil requests - it would be cool to be able to use Apple’s handwriting recognition for text - just quicker sometimes than swapping to keyboard input when holding the pencil

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


You can long press on any character key to see alternates:

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Does it work with the shorter dash? And space?

I pressed and held the shorter dash in the image above, and then the little context menu popped up. Holding the spacebar turns the keypad into a control pad to move the cursor around in a text box.

Ok had a go now - useful to know, thanks. Worth pointing out that this is on the second keyboard (numbers and symbols) rather than on the numeric row at the top.

My point still stands about spaces for e.g. - how did you add the text on the held notes e.g?

I had to use an external keyboard to do that (alt+shift+space)

Yes thought so - would be useful to have a way to do this without an external