Graphic issue 8.5 30

I updated to the last update of 8.5 and along with a few other issue’s (randomly deleted plug ins) it my tracks started to look like this.

Any fix?

Trying to change track control values gives me this.

Very exciting haha, anyone an idea?

Allready installed and uninstalled cubase for shits and giggles. No change.

I have the same problem and I cannot find a fix to this…

We are left alone with those glitches…

Mine is:

same track control problem here, did you find any solution?? it would be much appreciated

Thank you and have a great day


I have these issues too. I revert my cubase profile to default , and it gets back to normal. You may do appdata cleaning too but it is a bit complicated, changing profile is easiest way.

I guess, this might be graphic card issue, people with NVIDIA have those kind of issues. I hear that AMD is better choice.