Graphic items 'glasses'

In Sib… I used to use a graphic which was a pair of Glasses… This would be used at certain points in a chart where you need the player to take care or as a warning that something tricky is coming up etc… is this available in Dorico? or could it be in the future?

It’s in the Bravura text font. You can cut-and-paste it from the linked page into a text item, or make it a playing technique if you want to use it a lot as a Sibelius-style “symbol”.

Hi, please could you explain how I get this into Dorico to be able to use it, thanks

Open the link, select the symbol, press Ctrl-C (copy).

In Dorico, select the position you want the symbol, press X to create a text item, press Ctrl-V (paste), then set the font to Bravura Text and the size (20pt seems about right).

You will probably get the symbol if you don’t bother to change the font, but in other fonts it may be at a different vertical position to other text items in your score.

On that page, position the pointer on the left side of the symbol, click and hold the left mouse button, drag the mouse to the right of the symbol, so the symbol will be highlighted. Then press Cmd/Ctrl-C to copy the symbol into the computer’s clipboard, switch over to Dorico, create a new text item (Shift-X), select Bravura from the font list and paste the symbol by pressing Cmd/Ctrl-V. You might want to change the font size, too.

TL;DR: Highlight the symbol on the web page, copy and paste it into a text item in Dorico.