Graphic lag with many slices during drums editing. Better CPU will solve this problem?

Hi guys.

I have cubase 10 pro for a while. I notice when i edit and have a lot of slices work in cubase is very slow all my quick move have late responces.
When i worked in cubase 6.5 have the same problem but much softer.
I have i7 4770 and passive GF 640.
I dont know what upgrade will help me with this. New CPU, new Graphic or maybe something else?
Of course when i finish a track i bounce everything. But when i im in the middle of track the work is very hard. Dont want to bounce for every 2-3min of track.
I have big sessions and sometimes drums with a lot of double bass have hudge amount of cuts:).

Maybe some of you have some experience and advices to help me make a faster workflow.