Graphic layers

Will Dorico have graphic layers (similar to Photoshop for example)?
When you distribute your music it is often very usefull to have the possibility to add watermarks on your work.

Dorico doesn’t have layers as such at the moment, though internally each frame does (I think) have a specific z-order; however, this z-ordering (which determines which frames appear in front or behind which other frames) is not currently exposed as a user option. I would anticipate that it will be exposed at some point.

However, we already have support for watermarking directly built into Print mode, so you don’t need a layer feature to achieve this — just specify the watermark text you want to appear in your exported or printed music, and Dorico will do the rest.

Built-in watermarking—excellent!

Thanks for your answer.
Great that it has been thought of :slight_smile:
Will watermarks be limited to text or will it be possible to add pictures (like logos or similar)?

But it would be great indeed to have access to the z-ordering in order to be able to add graphic in the background.

Best regards

Is it possible now to put frames in the foreground or background of another one?

Not yet, no.