graphic notation score vs parts challenge

Hi there,

In a piece I wrote a while back for solo trumpet and electronics, I ended up using some graphic notation/frame boxes. I created the music needed for the frames in a new flow and then created frames within the main score and manipulated the size of the frames to create the effect, shown here:

Originally I created the “graphic notation” flow with the same solo player and instrument. However, when transferring that to the independent frames, the name of the staff (Electronics) would appear in the beginning of the cut frame. I could not eliminate the staff name from the “graphic notation” flow without also eliminating the staff name from the full score (which I needed for Movement 2 of the piece above), so instead, i created a new solo player for the graphic notation flow and gave it a “blank” name for the instrument.

In a piece I’m writing now for four percussionists, I have a section where two of the percussionists are doing some stuff with similar graphic notation. I approached this with the same method as I did for the Trumpet and Electronics piece. For the full score, this works great. However, I’ve now discovered that if I need to recreate the graphic notated flow for Players 2 and 3 Parts, this doesn’t work because the instrument and player for the graphic notation is not Player 2 or 3, but Player “blank” with the “blank” instrument, so attempting to add graphic frames shows that that player is considered "tacet"ing that movement:

Handing that “blank” instrument to Player 2 or 3 results in the breaking of the full score layout.

What I’m going to end up having to do is create new blank flows with new blank instrument carriers and blank instrument names that replicate the other flows - all just so I can avoid having the staff label show up for the graphic boxes.

Is there another way to approach this, or can an option to not display the staff name in score/parts independently be added?



You can create a system break at the beginning of each system in each frame, which then allows you to override whether or not the staff labels should be shown via the Properties panel.

brilliant. Thank you!