Graphic performance/audio stutter

Have problem with graphic performance.
The moment I start dragging/moving/trimming audio parts, I get high VST performance load and audio spikes/stutter (red) !!
If I don’t touch a thing, VST performance is fine. Soon as I start editing parts or scrolling up or down through project I get audio stutter.

Intel i5-4400 CPU
Intel HD 4600 graphic
Focustie Scarlett 8i6 Asio card
ASUS B85+ Deluxe motherboard
8GB Kingstone RAM (max clock)
Seagate 7200RPM HD

Posted images with example on Cubase 8 Pro song from your site. First picture default ASIO performance, second when moving one audio part. The moment I move that part I get spikes and audio stutter. Happens all the time in any scenario in any project.
Tried all the combinations with Audio boost, power scheme, Asio Guard, Multi thread etc.
Graphic has latest drivers, clean install. Original updated Windows 7.
I’ve been doing professionally music since Atari, so believe me when I tell you I had checked all the other components and possible solutions.

Worked in Cubase 5 and never had that problem.
Intel HD Graphic is more then capable of handling 2D interface. I’m working in FL 12 also there is no glitches at all.
Is it possible that Cubase does not utilize this GUI so it overloads CPU? There are similar reported problem on forums, non with solution so far :frowning:
What should I do, can you help me? I paid for new Cubae 8 and now it’s stutters on me in front of my clients.