"Graphic" Time Signatures


Is there a way of, instead of “3/4”, having “3/crotchet”? In working with beginners, this is a nice intermediary step, on the way to understanding time signatures.


Yes! Set the time signature the usual way, then select it and look down to the properties panel. You’ll find an option there for exactly what you’ve described.

I’m not in front of my computer just now so can’t check: you may need to flick a switch before enabling the option.

Thanx for the response!

YESSSS! It’s there, but, the stem is long, and protrudes below the staff. I’ll check through the various options to see if we can adjust the length of the stem, in such a situation.

This programme is raelly nice! :smiley:

You can’t adjust the length of the stem, as it’s using a fixed glyph from the Bravura font for the note value shown in the time signature.

Maybe later? fingers crossed

Is this included among the new features? I didn’t check the list, because I don’t know what terminology the team would use.


No, you still can’t adjust the length of the stem in the note used in such a time signature, as it still uses a glyph from Bravura and not a “real” note.

O.K. Thanx!

Where are we with this? Are we “moving in that direction” as yet?

No current plans for this, I’m afraid.