Graphical issues in C6


I’m experiencing graphical issues with C6.07. When I’m scrolling the mixer left to right (or back) sometimes some graphical elements are “copied” over the actual channels and move with them (see screenshot). This seems to be random, but it’s annoying. Note that it’s only on my right screen! Left is ok. I’m using the Intel 4000 onboard graphics, the right monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster T220HD. Connected via HDMI to the mainboard. (Left Monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster T220 connted via MiniDisplayPort to DVI cable to the Thunderbolt port on the Mainboard). I only noticed this behaviour in Cubase (not in the Soundscape Mixer for example).
I installed the latest graphics chip driver, but it’s still the same…
seems to me like a driver issue anyway.

Any ideas? Maybe driver settings can be changed or something!?

Thanks and Cheers

P.S.: when I close and reopen the mixer, everything is fine again. Or when the “error” scrolls out of the window and back, it’s gone as well…