Graphics and Text Stay the Same in Each Flow!

Hello Need some Help!

I am creating a worksheet for my incoming 6th grade students called my first 6 notes. What I did was create a standard band score and added the 1st whole note for each instrument. I then created another flow and added the 2nd whole note for each instrument and etc for all 6 notes. I then created a custom master page which included text and graphics. I then inserted the custom master page for each instrument (individual parts). I then inserted a graphic file but it inserted a graphic file for all instruments. So the fingering chart I added for the note Bb on the flute part also showed up on the every other page in every other part. This also happened with text. Do I have to create a custom master page for each instrument so my graphic and text doesnt change from part to part or do I have to create seperate project for each instrument?

Thanks for the help.

Nick Farrell

Nick, this is actually a case where you may want to insert a layout music frame chain instead of a master music frame chain. You would do this by drawing a new music frame on to the actual layout, rather than editing its master page.

Doing so would create a page override, so you would want to do this after you had set other layout elements as you wanted them.

Edit: this is NOT the solution, sorry. I misread. Still may be helpful to understand the difference.


I am not familar with layout music frame chain. All the music flows great to the idividual parts, its getting the graphics to change in each part that is the problem. Is there a tutorial about anywhere about this process.


If you draw a music frame on to a master page, it is a master page music frame. If you draw a music frame on to the actual layout itself, it is a layout music frame. Lx instead of Mx.

It will create a page override because it’s a deviation from the master page, but it will prevent you needing a bazillion master page sets.


I think I got it. I made a master page chain so I got the music looking and flowing the way I want on each part, but I have to go and add text and graphic frames to each part in its actual layout (not the master page) that way the same fingering chart wont flow to each part. Is there an easier way? or is this the way to do it?


Oh, maybe I read too hastily. What you’re wanting to insert is a different graphic on each layout? Then you can add a blank graphic frame to the master page, but actually insert the graphic file individually on each layout as needed.

Same with the text frame. Add a blank text frame to the master page, but edit that frame in the layout so each can contains different text.

You do indeed want to create these text and graphics frames in the master page, so that they’re the same size and positioning on every layout. Just leave them blank, and fill them once you’ve exited the master page.


I did do that. I made a custom master page and then went back to the layouts for each part and inserted a master page change for each part, but when I put a graphic in on the flutes page (in layout not master page), it copies it to every part. When I go to the clarinet to add a clarinet graphic it changes the flute graphic to the clarinet graphic.


Hmm, you’re right I’ve never done that before. Seems like it’s not the desired behavior—I would think a graphic inserted into a graphics frame should not be inserted to all parts, unless the graphic was added in the master page itself. But perhaps there’s not an easy way for Dorico to distinguish between the graphic frame (added to the master page) and the content loaded into it (added from the layout).

I suppose you’ll have to copy each master page set to a new one. Shouldn’t take too long: just rename each as the instrument to which it’ll apply, then set each part layout to use its requisite master page set.

You will have to do custom edits to each Layout. Put all the common elements into the Master Page leaving empty spaces for the per Layout elements. Then add the Custom elements to each Layout directly. Note this will create overrides so no further edits to the Master Page will have any effect, So, make sure the Master Page is perfect before proceeding.

This is very similar to what was demonstrated in the latest Dorico video hangout yesterday (19 Dec).

See at about 41 minutes from the start.


I am a beginning band director and did a similar project for my students. If you want to send me a private message, perhaps you’d be willing to share your project with me and I may be able to see how to make it work for you by saving it as a revised file and explaining what I did. Craig F.'s explanation of common elements in the Master Page and custom elements added to each layout is the way to achieve this. There is generally no need to create Custom Master Pages.