Graphics card for 4 screens, AMD5950 with Asus rog

Hi everyone
I have just built a super system for my Cubase Pro 11 setup. This includes an AMD 5950, Asus rog strix, 64g, 2x m2 drives etc.I use loads of vst instruments and fx and am considered a heavy user! I have used some cheap low end nvidia and amd gpus in the past which only just about work with 2 screens. I now need something much more serious to power 4 screens, possibly to include a large curved one later, that will not increase latency or cause any dropouts, blank guis or other dusplay problems that I do not need. Knowledgeable answers appreciated please, no inexperienced pondering! Thanks

I’ve been using an NVIDIA GeForce 970 to drive 4 x 22" monitors (1920 x 1080) for some years now, so not up to current standards but works great and I’d assume its successor would too.

One thing to keep in mind is that these cards will offer a mix of different output types and that mix might not match what is on your monitors so you may need an adapter or two - which can be a drag to realize while connecting it up.

In general if I’m looking for something like this I’ll check a few sites for folks who build dedicated computers for music and see what they are using since they component test to verify what they are using plays well with DAWs.

Thanks for your reply.
I am familiar with and have used many low end cards, most of which were designed for computers of a different age than that which we may use today, but I am looking specifically for something more suited to my latest software and hitech music computer build… I should also have mentioned that I have 2x pairs of screens, 26 and 27 in, running at 1960x1080 capable of using dvi or hdmi connections. I have also used display port adaptors on my last setup but the connections are not the reason for my enquiry.
There are a multitude of different gpu cards on offer at the moment, many of which are designed for gaming and video applications, but due to a variety of current crises most are unavailable, as are most legacy solutions that may have worked previously. However, as I use this computer solely for music I am not sure that the latest video editing or gaming card is what I need, so it is with a degree of optimism that I ask for specific advice on upto date options for the latest hardware, specific to my music software applications.

Quadro, perhaps?


Sorry. I just re-read your initial post. This might be “inexperienced pondering”. I probably should not have replied …

As far as powerful enough, a GT710 2GB would suffice (not all GT710’s are created equal, some have greater bandwidth.), however it will not have the proper amount of ports to plug in all monitors. you would need 2 of these, will share the same driver.

A GT1030 would be a great choice, but also only has 2 ports. these can be different ports HDMI, Display Port, DVI. They would share the same driver as well. Using 2 would not be economical and cost effective.

Mixing 2 different cards is not recommend as some will require different drivers, and Nvidia I know will not allow 2 different driver sets. As long as they use the same driver set they can be different cards. I have heard issues using both Nvidia, and AMD in the same system can cause anomalies , but cannot verify if that will work or not.

If you are not using any 3d rendering, or video rendering you only need a card that can display standard desktop usage in that resolution. pretty much any modern GPU can do what you want, but your limitations will be the monitors port types.

You are not going to need a powerful gaming/rendering GPU. especially at 1080P.
I have run multi monitor setups for many years. Cubase should run fine on a mediocre GPU as long as it has the 4 ports.

I run a 4k TV on a cheap laptop to watch 4k movies through HDMI for example.

Honestly you could probably use USB-C | HDMI adapters on your ROG board.
You could use the existing video onboard you already have, then supplement with one of these.
Something along these lines, example only. depending on your board if you have USB-C connectors. Personally I would not use these.

But a GPU will be much better. and more cost effective, and economical

You are running a beast of a CPU I would try to get a decent GPU if it were me. but like you said, it will be a task finding one.

On a side note, I’m not sure if you could run a discrete GPU along side your onboard as some boards automatically disable onboard when one is installed, I have installed in a secondary PCIe to overcome this in the past…

Not sure what your budget is but I found a few cards on newegg.
This first one has 5 monitor ports, and Max Resolution 7680 x 4320 (8k).
Your setup will require 3840 x 2160 (4k). any of these would work perfect for your scenario I recommend the first one below…

Sorry I edited my post several times to correct spellings, and add/remove info.