Graphics card

Anyone have any recommendations for a cost affordable card?

I know nothing about this area

I have a z270m extreme4 Mobo with i7 7700k

I do not game. I heard cubase will benefit from a card. I’m not even sure what improvements will be made.

I’ve been using an ASUS GeForce GT 730 2GB silent card for some time, it works fine and is very affordable, well under $100.00AU.

If you record audio in the vicinity of your PC you might want to look for a passive GPU (to reduce noice captured by the mic). Other than that I’m not sure if Cubase (or any DAW) actually utilizes a GPU. Only thing is your hardware components need to sit well with each other to avoid latency.

Yeah I haven’t bought one as I’m not entirely convinced it’ll even help with performance. I just did a major upgrade on my PC. Built a new one and left out the graphics card.
I would love to build an ITX but SSD storage is still pretty pricey. I’ll wait a while.
I’m waiting for my ram and monitor to show up. I’ll let you guys know how the build went.

There was a time when some VST’s utilized CUDA but it was prone to latency having both the CPU & GPS access DAW modules so for the foreseeable future GPU’S are of no use to DAWs. I think only Sonar X3 has the option to use an onscreen display but passive & quite are the magic words for now. I have a GTX 960 with stock cooler which never activates when working with audio.

Here’s some additional info: