Graphics frames mobility


I’ve looked through the first several pages of the forum and don’t see a recent post about this, but after placing a graphics frame it seems that it can’t leave the page that it’s been originally assigned to (ie it doesn’t move with the music but remains confined to the larger frame in which it’s placed). The graphic also cannot be cut and pasted in “Engrave” mode, and so if the music changes at all from page to page the user is required to erase the graphic and make a new one.

Is this right?

Thanks for any and all responses.

Locally placed graphics frames are linked to the specific position they’re placed on that specific page. Same goes for locally placed music frames and text frames.

Thanks, Leo, that’s helpful. When you say “locally placed” that indicates an individual instance of the graphic, rather than on a master page where you would see the graphic appear on every page, right?

It would be nice if graphics and text frames could move without constraint, as the music can. This would help a lot in any kind of graphic or aleatoric notation!

To clarify:
Frames on Master Pages work exactly the same as Frames on individual pages - they can’t move automatically (with the exception of Flow Headings, of course).
Music Frames can’t move without constraint either - it’s the contents of the Music Frames that can flow through the frame chain as needed.

Right–and thank you for clarifying as that makes sense.

I suppose I’d like the contents of the graphics frames to be flexible enough to flow through the frame chain, as well! Perhaps there could be a function to attach them to bars or systems in the future so that the only adjustments would be minimal.

You can fudge that with Playing Techniques already, can’t you?

Yes–specifically I had pasted a PNG of a multi-phonic wind fingering in the score and since it doesn’t move with the music or copy/paste in Engrave mode I needed to delete it and paste in back in to the new place, which seemed like a few extra steps in the process.

Unless there’s something else you mean? Happy to take the advice/tip!

Thanks again,


Unless I’m missing something, you’re talking about Graphics Frames (which are purely an Engrave mode “thing”) and I’m talking about Playing Techniques (which are in the right panel of Write mode). Playing Techniques are linked to a rhythmic position on a specific stave, can be copied and pasted within Write mode, and should move with the music just like dynamics or staff text.

Thanks, Leo…you just made things a lot easier for me!