Graphics Glitch/Bug and Crash

So I’m having a bit of a frustrating problem. I’m on a 2016 Macbook Pro and running Big Sur. This problem appeared out of nowhere a couple of days ago. I was running Cubase 10 and the graphics was glitchy in the sampler, similar to the attached image. I thought that instead of investigating further I’ll just upgrade to Cubase 11 because it’s about time anyways. The problem is present there as well. Now It’s not glitchy in the sampler, although that might come back but in some plugins. It’s similar graphical bugs but it can be more of it or less. And after a while the program just crashes and closes itself. No freezing or anything, just dead and gone.

Anyone who know what the hell this problem comes from?

I have a similar problem with Groove Agent on Cubase 11 running on Big Sur. It seems to be mainly a graphical glitch here.

I am having the exact same issues with retrologue and groove agent. I’m running Cubase 11 on 2019 iMac (Big Sur).

same problem here with Groove Agent in Cubase 11 in Big Sur. Same issue on the standalone app. If I open groove agent in project cubase will crash

Yes, the problem is is Groove Agent for me as well. Pretty frustrating, I’ve reported to Steinberg but they’re really on a roll with letting their customers wait around A MONTH before they get back. I’ve contacted them before with different issues and I think I had to wait over a month for a reply. Very frustrating indeed, especially when I’m in the middle of a composition job and use Retrologue quite a lot…

Same problem here. Been checking in the download assistant every couple of days waiting for a fix. They’ll get to it eventually.