Graphics issue in Cubase 13

Hi Guys!

Is anybody having graphics issues in Cubase 13 pro? Im having glitchs where the daw is breaking up into squares and when i run my cursor over the glitched parts the graphics seem to re-paint themselves on my screen.
Im only having this issue when i use Cubase.
Could it be my graphics card or is it Cubase related.
I never had this issue with older versions.
Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

EDIT! Just spotted Martins post on this subject.

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Could you please attach a screenshot of your glitches? And some details about your system, please?

When i attempt a screen shot the issue the graphics load in on my screen haha. I found a video clip on youtube displaying the same issue around the 0:55 second mark onwards is what is happening. Sometimes its realy bad.
Im not sure if its a graphics cards issue or Cubase.
Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz
RAM: 32.0 GB


What geologic card is used, please?

Is it a MacBook? Do you use a built-in screen or an external monitor? Is it’s an external one, how is it connected? What is the screen resolution and settings?

Remove the Intel ARC software if you are on a Windows machine. If you’re having trouble finding it specifically, I would remove the entire Intel video driver first, restart the computer, then run the installer for the new Intel video driver but uncheck the box to install ARC this time. It also helped my laptop fan from spinning like crazy, making a bunch of noise. Now it’s silent.

Go to this link here and have it check for the driver:

My PC is connected externaly to my TV. Display settings on PC are 3840x 2160 using a RUIPRO 8K Certified HDMI 2.1 Cable 3.3ft/1m Ultra HD High Speed 48Gbps 8K@60Hz 4K@120Hz.

My graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super.

" No supported driver or software updates are available for your system."

Glitches like this randomly appear all over the screen.
I have to roll my cursor over the effected area for it to literally draw back in the graphics.
Sometimes its subtle sometimes its nearly the whole screen.
I did as was suggested in the forum to “fix” this but the problem remains. This is what is happening and this has just happened again moments ago.

Sorry to hijack here but even after the latest C13 update, I get an odd graphics glitch when I’m editing midi. The notes disappear after I highlight them. They do come back though.

Hey dude! Do they come back after you scroll the cursor over the missing glitchy graphics?

Yes they do.

Yurrp! this is happening to me too. Check out my video i shared in this post.

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Please, try to follow this article.

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Hi Martin.
I did and sadly it didnt work for me. The video clip i shared in this post was recorded AFTER i performed the advice on the article.

Still happening…all the time.Sometimes its realy bad. If its a graphics card issue colliding with Cubase 13 in some way then at least i can look into a new graphics card but at the moment i just dont have any clue to why its happening or how i can fix it.
Im running the latest Cubase and my graphics drivers and all of my plugins are all up to date and legit…its got me stumped.
I dont have this problem with my other brand named DAW. Yes i could just go use that DAW but ive invested a lot of money in this one over the years. I feel trapped with a dodgy DAW.

And again…yes thats Youtube behind Cubase breaking through into my project…wonderful!
Im not experiencing any glitches in sound or audio performance struggles it just seems to be purely graphical (is that even a word? LoL)
Anyway. Im still remaining positive a resolve will happen. :slight_smile:


Happening to me even after the update

Hi Kevin.

Have you tried changing the resolution of your screen or maybe look into your graphics card.
Since the update ive had no issues.
If you have NVIDIA i would completely uninstall it. Remove everything to do with NVIDIA and reinstall only the correct current graphics driver for your card not all the bells and whistles gaming stuff. These are some things i tried combined with the update and something positive inside my PC happened lol.
Im not an expert by no means just trying to offer some options.
Maybe someone out there who is more educated on the ins and outs of how PC’s actually work could chime in.
Good luck bro.

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