Graphics Selection Export

In Finale it’s super easy to draw a box around any part of a score and export it as a transparent PNG. Is this possible in Dorico? I couldn’t find anything like this in the manual. I still have Dorico 1. I make a lot of theory tutorials using Camtasia and having the ability to export selections is nice.


If you make a PDF, you can chop it up in your favourite vector artwork app, like Affinity Designer, or Inkscape. Or even Illustrator.

It’s an extra step, but you’ll have more control over the size and position of the selection area than in Finale.

Or use Greenshot! Triggers a scalable capture window which displays pixel size as you move the cursor. Super helpful and easy to use. I use it to take screenshots right from the Dorico window.

But screenshots are not going to be vector-based, nor even print-quality bitmap.

Not vector, but it’s a PNG, which was the OP request. I also prefer SVGs, but PNGs work pretty well for me. And yes, they can be high-DPI sufficient for print.

Of course, I have a High-DPi monitor which makes it easier. But even on a 1080, you’d just need to go full screen (F11) and hide all windows. That would probably get you enough screen real estate for most grabs.

When I have needed matching images of fixed resolution (so they don’t pixelate), I’ve exported to PDF, zoomed to a preset percentage, and used Movavi Screen Capture. It allows you to fix a window size for capture, so you get exactly the resolution you need, every time.

Thank you everyone for responding. The suggestions are exactly what I was looking for. I would really like to start using Dorico more once I get my head around how it works. I probably need to upgrade to version 2.

Thanks again,

Aaron, come on in. The water’s fine!

Binge-watch the YouTube tutorials. And yes, you need to upgrade to 2.1. Totally worth the cost!

Better yet, upgrade to 3.5 where they have a fancy new feature for exactly this! Graphic Slices | New Features in Dorico 3.5 - YouTube