"Graphira" SMuFL Fonts are now available

Graphira fonts are elegant engraver music fonts with a Standard (Graphira STD) and a Lighter Appearance (Graphira).

Below are some examples featuring Bravura’s Settings (Graphira STD font) and Graphire Music Press settings. (not 100% closer but with a lighter look — Graphira font)

Graphira is available for purchase from the link below:

p.s: I spent more than 4 months to compile the overall design.


I am an enthusiastic first adopter of this font, and I can say it looks really good.

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Well, my port of Revere is only about 2/3 finished, so this certainly saves me some time! I purchased this earlier, and wanted to report that on my system (Mac 13.6) the installer put the folders with the JSON files in the SMUFL directory instead of the Fonts directory inside of that folder. Moving the folders allowed the fonts to appear in Dorico and Finale.

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Hi Marc, thanks for your report, but before I shipped the pkg installer I tested it on my machine, and it works like a charm.

You’re right, I will re-check again and update the installer asap.

By the way, did you like the new design of Graphira?