Grateful for Steinberg and Cubase in times like these

Just want to say thanks, grateful for this software in times like this, it has been an opportunity to explore this software deeper than I have in the past, get better organized, and create more and thank you for continuing to work on development, patches, updates, and content. It’s really just amazing stuff, amazing that something like Cubase and all the people who have worked on it past and present actually exist in reality.

Love those ‘silver lining’ posts!


A fine positive post which i totally agree on!

I’ve especially enjoyed Greg Ono Cubase Corner (featuring his son’s interruptions) sessions During this Chinese COVID-19 pandemic.
Btw Hawaii is locked down for another 2 weeks. (((:

Great post. I too have found myself using this time to learn and research many of the functions that I had never used due to a lack of understanding. I’ve really come a long way in the last 2 months.