Grayed-out options in Editing

Hello Dorico users,
I’m trying to work out what is going on with the grayed-out options in editing Master Pages in the Properties Panel.
For instance, for some reason my Default Master Page is showing all the page numbers L-aligned. But when I go to Properties, the option of setting the RH frame distance to 0mm is grayed out.

In the same, I want to determine the height of a text box, but when I go to Properties, Height is grayed out.

Does anyone know why the tools provided for making adjustments are continually grayed-out for no apparent reason?
Thanks for any advice.

Frames are locked to edges of the page, but can also have their own widths and heights set separately. You need to use the padlocks in the top left corner in conjunction with the properties panel. It’s entirely logical.

Thanks, Leo. Logical, like you say.

Notice that there is an alignment in Paragraph styles for page numbers: outer edge. You can then have a full page-width text frame, the {@page@} will always be at the right spot :sweat_smile: