Greatly need help removing drum machine hiss

Hi, so I’ve noticed when recording via the drum machine (Boss dr670) a high pitched hiss is emitted from the machine itself over the course of the recording, and I can’t find any method of removing it. I can apply a noise gate which will remove this hiss from the silent sections but will still emit hiss over the drum sounds which is proving to really damage the quality of my work and overall I’m looking at a straightforward way of removing this completely for clear sound whether it’s by a plugin or via various methods of noise removal. As right now the only option is to keep the noise in so it’s continuous starting and stopping doesn’t draw attention

sample of what I’m meaning here:

May need a pair of headphones to be able to outline it properly


Your signal to noise ratio seems just fine. That noise would irritate me just until I got the bass track on. If you want higher fidelity you’ll have to upgrade your drum machine, that’s sampling noise and it’s effectively part of the drum sounds.

I sold my like-new Roland drum machine a few years ago or so…no hiss or other noise, but it just sat unused for years since I use drum VSTi’s these days and also my Yamaha eKit.

I’d recommend buying a nice drum VSTi of your preference. You can do so much more with a software based drum solution. The ONLY thing I regret selling off my Roland R-5 Human Rythim Composer drum machine, is I paid like $450, and sold it for like $150. Oh well, it would just be taking up space in my closet.

For ‘real’ & ‘natural’ drums there’s ToonTrack ‘EZDrummer’ for example…reasonable price, and is so EZ to use. More expensive is Toontracks ‘Superior drums’… then there’s ‘Addictive Drums’ (AD) and a few others.

For electronic sounds for hip-hop and other such cRAP I have no idea.

Greatly need help removing drum machine hiss

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You could try Izotope RX… maybe it will work?

Keep that bad boy making sound. You can also just accept the sample noise and just work with it by adding a little verb to smooth it.

Good luck!