Green play line not moving -> no sound

This is not reproducable,sometimes the playback works, sometimes not, up to now I didnt figure out
what could make the difference.
Seems to have nothing to do with the sound engine etc - all sounds are properly loaded in any case to halion and can be produced. (I followed the instructions in the faq.)
When I press play the first time after opening a score, the green line appeares on the first note in the score, but does not move, the counter does not run, it is stuck at 0:0:0:0 -> no sound at all.

Can you provide a bit more information about your system? Are you on Windows or Mac? What operating system version? What audio hardware, if any, do you have?

I’ve had this a few times too. It’s not reproducible. After relaunching Dorico the file behaved normally.

Some data to my system:
Asus Z170M-Plus / Bios 1805
i5-6500 3.2 GHz
nvidia 1050 Ti
NI KompleteAudio6
Win10Pro 1607 14393.479

The Problem exists since update 1.0.10

… and, if I press and hold in the transport window the fast forward/fast backward,
the counter (and the line) moves each time (on mouse release) one second. No continous spinning, no fast forward in the sense of fast forward. On Play, it keeps this position.

This problem persist as described above.

Taguluche, do you find this problem occurs with all projects, or just with one project in particular? If the problem appears to be specific to a specific project, please attach it here, together with details of how to reproduce the problem.

Smells like a driver/soundcard issue… does it happen with the onboard audio as well…?

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Do you switch sound card / audio interface or the sample rate frequently?
We know of a specific case, where the playback won’t work, because somehow Dorico and the audio engine apparently are “disagreeing” over the current sample rate. We are still working on it, but your case somehow seems related to this.
If you are in that state, please go to Edit > Device Setup and change the sample rate, e.g. from 44.1k to 48k and back to 44.1k. If you did that, does playback work again?

Yes, this works.

And: the problem is reproducable - just start Dorico before starting other music software (cubase, sibelius).
If another program used the device before, also Dorico will produce sound.

Thanks for reporting back, now I can also reproduce this. The problem here really is, that Dorico and the audio engine disagree over the currently used sample rate, so nothing is moving.
Most interesting though is, how come that they disagree? Well, Dorico is not prepared for the fact, that other programs may change the sample rate. E.g. we were using 44.1kHz and closing Dorico; then another program starts and sets it to 48kHz and quits again. If you now start Dorico again, it will still assume that the sample rate is at 44.1kHz, whereas the audio engine sees it - as it was set by the program before - still at 48kHz.
So at startup we need some kind of handshake between Dorico and the audio engine in order that they come to an agreement somehow.
I’ve filed this in our bug database; in the meantime please use the workaround of switching back and forth the sample rate for the case that nothing is moving.

This strange problem persists in 1.2, sometimes I have to switch the samplerate to 48 and back to 44.1 to get sound. Sometimes not.

I’ve just had this problem today. I’m working with a large file but it’s not that as I closed it, restarted Dorico, opened up a much smaller file and had the same problem. I’ve also fiddled about with sample rates etc. - no joy.

Dorico has been a bit weird on me in the past couple of days, crashing a few times so I’m downloading 2.2.1 again and reinstalling. Let’s see if that works.

ETA: Reinstalling worked - however there was a problem while reinstalling. E-licenser (which coincidentally I upgraded a couple of days ago) wanted me to quit programs that it said were still running. As the only program I had open was the Installer something was wrong. The Activity Monitor showed two counts of VST Audio Engine still open. I force quit both of those and the installation proceeded. I mention it here because it occurs to me that might also have something to do with the fact that I couldn’t get Dorico to playback. I have had Cubase and Dorico both open recently (at the same time) but why they’re leaving the VST engine up and running after I’ve shut them both down - I have no idea.

Normally the VSTAudioEngine process shall quit at the same time when you shutdown Dorico. But what is even more weird, you should never see two instances of it running at the same time. No wonder that you don’t get playback running then. On Monday I will try to reproduce your issue by running Cubase and Dorico in parallel. Also, could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That’ll create a zip file on your desktop, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

I had the same event today, like you guys did. I followed Ulf’s Mar '17 steps above. In my case, I’d been working in Logic Pro. I closed it, opened Dorico, and found that I must have erroneously set Dorico to 48, but my Audio Device is 44.1. So, I set Dorico to 44.1 and the playhead / playback functioned as expected. Thanks everyone above :slight_smile: