Greg Ondo style Halion online workshops/QA's, scripting tutorials

I think Steinberg needs to invest a bit more into community education on Halion to grow its popularity.

In depth scripting tutorials for different types of instruments, going through the depths and possibilities of what the scripting offers, etc, etc.

Perhaps also, interviews/guest tutorials with commercial instrument/library designers who have released products for Halion. And maybe even, having some of the more prolific users here who have shared scripts - give them some spotlight.

ie, 3 or 4 different Halion stream types

  • Online workshops/tutorial streams with limited/moderated Q&A.
  • Greg Ondo style only/mostly Q&A
  • Interviews/Guest Tutorials/Show and tells with limited/moderated Q&A with pro users, 3rd party devs
  • Interviews/Seminars with the developers behind Halion, limited/moderated Q&A

Also learning project templates could be shared/downloaded by those watching the stream at the beginning.

  • regular Sound Design seminars/workshops (which could involve scripting) would be great as well, and for different applications - film/video game, different electronic genres, etc, etc.

But I think it’s important for any scripting software, to have a community sharing knowledge and developments. thanks

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Dorico dev streams are also really great like this

Drums in One Minute | Discover Dorico - YouTube

Halion community needs this to build popularity