Greg Wells Voice centric, Mix centric

I have used the Voice centric on vocals and I think it is really good, the voice becomes very clear, almost impossible clear given the quality of the original audio. The mix centric is less good in my hands, really nice VST instruments are negatively affected, the natural beautiful sound is distorted, gets dirty.
Have you people tried them? They are 35usd something so resonable cheap.

Edit; These are plugins with multiple effects built-in, such as delay, compressor, harmonizer, reverb etc. The idea is that you dont need any other effect on your vocals or entire mix. Greg has worked with famous artists such as Katy Perry among others.

I have the “-Centric” bundle (Piano, Voice, Mix, Tone), mainly Voice and Piano.

I kind of love them, but at the same time i don’t. As bad as I am at mixing, I’ve found that if I put in the time and effort into trying to make it better with multiple plugins I usually can.

Thanks for the comment about Mix Centric!

I have the Greg Wells Signature Series – Piano, Tone, Voice, Mix. I’ve often used the VoiceCentric plugin during early stages of working with a vocal, just to have some quick processing on the vocal while comping and such. I have occasionally also used it in final mixes, but that is much rarer for me – it really depends on the needs of the song. Sometimes when I have used it I’ve also followed it up with an exciter (either Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, PSP MixTreble 2, or Overloud Dopamine – perhaps the first of those may actually be under the hood of the VoiceCentric plugin, depending on where the dial is set, but I often find I need a separate plugin to help the lead vocal cut through the mix better without whatever other effects turning up the dial may add).

I’ve also used PianoCentric here and there, perhaps even in a final mix – I don’t recall for certain, and it would definitely depend on the song. I don’t think I’ve ever used MixCentric on a final mix, maybe for some quick demos or work-in-progress mixes (I’ve probably used the CLA equivalent a few times on finals, though not very frequently), and I keep forgetting about ToneCentric. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually got most (all?) of the Wave Signature Series plugins. GW VoiceCentric is one of the ones I use more frequently in early stages of working with vocals, but not so much in final mixes, while there are various others that I use in specific contexts that are more likely to end up in final mixes, depending on context. I tend to try multiple options (e.g. different signature series plugins for bass or acoustic guitars) in early stages of mixing, just seeing what might sound good with presets as a starting point, and sometimes the plugins I like early on may end up in final mixes, while I may replace them at other times after I get further along. But, if I’m really in a hurry (e.g. short deadline), I’m more likely to stick with the signature series plugins I was starting with to avoid analysis paralysis on mix decisions. Then I can always revisit things in trying to get a better mix after the deadline has passed.