Gregorian Chant, Dies Iræ Sequence

Hi all,

I am entering the Dies Iræ Sequence. I am having one problem.

I can’t seem to condense the 2 eighth notes into a quarter note marked at the red circles.
I have tried various force duration and lock duration combinations, but it doesn’t modify the note. I also tried to change the time signature eight-note pattern, but the change didn’t take effect.

note: the last note of each bar is an eight rest scaled to 1 to hide it.


Tom, you’ll need to use the Force Duration tool, which tells Dorico that it should use the duration you specify as written.

Alternatively you can specify the beat grouping within the time signature, such as [1+1+1+3+3+1+1+2+2]/8 for those 2 bars you circled.

Tom, I transcribe chant all the time. I have a question for you: why are you using meter at all? Just use open meter! Then it won’t try and force any beat groupings. Just enter notes until you’re ready and then add a barline at that point with the popover. If you want more space before a barline you should nudge it in engrave mode, not hide fake notes. I think old habits from other programs might be making this harder for you.


Not to pick on Tom, but I’d wager he’s probably a former Finale user. :sunglasses: That’s how we used to do it in Finale!

But you’re right that open meter is just perfect for this scenario. You don’t have to calculate how many beats you need in the bar.

Done and Done. Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that! :slight_smile:


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