Grid is wonky not displaying all the bars


I accidentally hit a keybind and my grid view is now wonky. It’s not displaying normal bars as it should. I need to zoom really far in to get it to display the bars which is not how it normally works. Sorry for the bad explanation I’ve provided two screenshots 1 how wonky it is now and 2 how it normally should look. I even tried to make the zoom settings (in the bottom right corner) the same and as you can see its not displaying the bars the same… Anybody have any ideas how to fix this?

I figured it out. I accidentally entered an odd time signature 3/32 at the end of the locator which made the whole grid go out of wack because it was compensating for the 3/32 time signature change. I just simply deleted that or you can add 4/4 or regular time signature to the next bar and the grid fixed itself. Hopefully anyone else who has this problem this fixes it for them. :smiley: