Grid Lines in Key Editor

I have just started with Cubase Elements 8. I have lost the vertical grid lines on the Key/Midi editor and despite searching everywhere for the last two hours I cannot find how to restore them. I do have some vertical lines in strange random places. Any help is appreciated.

Hi BriTin,

could you please upload a screenshot of your Key Editor?


I am suspecting you have (accidentally :wink: ) switched the grid from Bars+Beats to Seconds (or Timecode or one of the other options) via the arrow widget at the top-right of the Editor window.
Or, you currently have some custom Quantize selected (possibly a “Groove”, if you have created one ?)

I’m using older cubase version but maybe this will work for you. In key editor click file in toolbar- preferences - appearance - then see adjustment options for various grid lines, slide the adjustment as you want.

Had this problem when I first started as well. In the Key Editor toolbar there’s a drop down menu beside the Quantize icon (a Q). That’s where the spacing of the vertical grid lines are set.

I haven’t found anyone else with the problem I am experiencing.

Key Editor used to display a grid of 4, now it displays a grid of 5.

I enjoy odd time signatures, but only when I ask for them. I’m trying to do something in 4/4.

How do I fix this?

Cubase LE 8.0.4, Mac 10.11.6

See attached screenshot.
cubase LE8.png

Do you have tempo track on?

The nature of the grid, and the numbers on the Ruler suggest to me that you have switched from Bars+Beats to Seconds (arrow widget at extreme right of the Ruler).
Are those notes intended to be four 16th-notes followed by three quarter-notes, at a tempo of 120 BPM? (the timing, in seconds, would correspond to those numbers in the Ruler :wink: )

EDIT: I’ve only just noticed that I had already replied to this thread (but to the original topic poster :wink: ), with the same reply :wink:. (At least I am faithful to myself! :wink: )

I can see the tempo track if I press Command-T. The tempo track shows the correct beats per measure. Don’t if that means it’s “on” or “off”.

vic_france - YES, thank you, somewhere along the way that got switched. Thanks to your directions, it’s now back to bars+beats! You are my new best friend.

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