Grid lines privelege crotchet (quarter) notes?

Lately I’ve been working in meters where the denominator is 8 - currently I’m doing something in 5/8 time. But the grid lines are still darker on the crotchet (quarter) notes. - roughly the same as the measure boundaries. This is distracting and unnecessary. Is there some setting to make the grid lines respect the time signature so if I’m in 12/8, 6/8, or 5/8 to stop highlighting every two beats? (see attached)

Thanks in advance.

Yes. I’m away from the computer at this time, so accept my apologies for the lack of screenshots. But read on, I think you will understand fairly easy.

  • First, create a signature track.
  • Then click on the little + next to the fraction (5/8 +)
  • In this pop up window, determine the intensities of the click pattern. (3+2)? (2+3)? (other)?
  • Next go up to the main project ruler, and follow it all the way to the right, up to the “Down arrow button”.
  • Click in there and choose “Use Metronome Click Pattern Level for Grid Line Emphasis”

Hopefully it’ll do. The “level” you set each click at (from the click pattern set up in step 3) translates to a different color intensity of the grid. (with the highest levels being the strongest grid lines and the lower levels being the lightest.)

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I see the little “+” but nothing happens when I click on it.

But really, this seems like an awful lot of trouble. Why can’t Cubase just go by the project time signature? If I set it to 5/8 time and my length and quantize are both set to 1/8 why does it need to highlight crotchet (quarter) notes at all?

But the time same time signature can indicate different things. What should happen to the grid if we had a 12/8? It coould very well be a very slow 6/4 affair, or it could be 4 groups of 3 8ths, or it could be 3+3+2+2+2.

If you enable the option “Use click pattern for grid line emphasis”, you just need to setup the click pattern so that it represents those subdivisions. It needs a double click on the “+”, sorry.

You are here

Double Click on +
It’s 3+2 for me here


Zooming in.

You can always work with “Use Metronome Click Pattern Level for Grid Line Emphasis” on, for all your projects. Nothing different will happen if you start a default 4/4.

But it’s invaluable for pieces of this kind. Imagine if you wanted to turn the 3+2/8 around at some point into the piece, and have it 2+3/8. How would you handle this change in the grid otherwise? With the click patterns it’s just a matter of inserting the same time signature at the wanted spot, and change the pattern. The grid will follow. You can also save the patterns for later use.

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Where is the " *Use click pattern for grid line emphasis" option? I did a Google search on it, as you see here, hoping to find it in the manual, and I got exactly one hit - this thread! :sunglasses:

Come on, really? Your verbatim search on Google didn’t work, and you didn’t even remove the quotes to see what that result would be?

Talk about self-sabotage…

Steve, ad-hominem comments are inappropriate, especially for a moderator. Let’s try to keep this thread at a mature level.

I stand by my post. Did you find the info you need?

You’re better off searching the manual when exact terms are used.

Search results bring you to the most relevant topic, 3 out 4 times.

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Yes, very good points - I see what you mean. Thank you.