Grid - Quantize not working in drum midi editor


I have problem in cubase 10. When I am in piano roll editor and I select whatever quantization I need the grid adapts the beats to the quantize selected… 1/1 1/2 1/4… I can drag the notes to the specific beats choosed in the quantization.

BUT, as soon as I select DRUM MAP and open the Midi drum editor I get the grid stuck at 1/64 (or something like that) and then I cant edit the midi notes properly, for example when I want to edit 1/16 Triplet notes or so…

It used to work properly in this same computer with same OS but it started to fail once I made a fresh install of the OS.

Here is a video I made of the problem

Thanks in advande

OS: Windows 7
Cubase 10 Elements up to date
Core i3
intel graphic HD4
6GB of RAM


I would say Adapt to Zoom is enabled in the Drum Editor. Disable it by the -|+ button. More details you can read here.