Grid snaps to x.x.x.119

Hi there,
just upgraded from Pro 8.5 to Pro 11 and working on my first project there.
At some point I noticed that sometimes parts in the Project view start one tick before the actual grid, e.g. instead of
Also when I copy parts or even move parts they sometimes go to 1 tick before the snap.
It doesn’t happen most of the times but sometimes. I have made sure grid is switched on.
See screenshot as an example.

Does anybody else have this or any idea which setting could lead to such behaviour?

It’s probably because of Snap to Zero Crossing, the button on the left of Snap to Grid.

I have this for MIDI parts as well. Snap to zero should not affect MIDI, should it?

I guess not, except if you have snap to event enabled, which lines up against a snapped to zero crossing audio event. (Oh dear, what a sentence, I hope you understand)

Looks like it could be that I used Grid + Events at some point and that lead to the 119’s. From there they just start to multiply. Even my Chord events were on x.x.x.119 :slight_smile:
I will make sure not to use Events in the grid anymore and continue to observe the behaviour.
Thanks, @ggmanestraki

No problem Johnny!