Grid stuck to 1/4

Hi, I am pretty sure several had this problem already, I just can’t get with the solution:
My grid is stuck to 1/4 and there’s no way to get a 1/2 triplet resolution (or any other than 1/4), grid is set to quantize but even switching back to beat and use quantize doesn’t help. i have zommed in & out and nothing happens. Seems that whether I deactivated something or the glitch is steady.
Some days ago working on the same roject this was no problem at all but a few days ago the grafic glitch appeared and I seem to not be able anymore to get a grid with a higher resolution.

Any hints?


I even made a new project now, it is empty, rechecked the vertical lines display, changed quantisation, etc. but the vertical grid is still 1/16 (1/4 was incorrect)…
grr, do i need to trash prefs or so? it’s pretty annoying…

Project Window won’t show trips. Been a known issue to this day.