Grid sub-division Definition

By default, time signature is 4/4, and cubase draw lines like this:

i.e. a strong line every beat ( a quarter) and a weaker line to subdivide the beats (here - eights)
I know I can define the size of the subdivision in the Quantization panel, and define, for example, I want the weak line every triplet.

However, I couldn’t find how can I change the fact the strong lines appear every quarter.

For example - Let’s say we have a 6/8 time signature, this is how cubase is showing this in the grid:

Which looks like a 2+2+2/6 subdivision.

But what if I write a 3+3/6 music? I would like the strong line to appear every dotted quarter
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to change it. What I want is something that looks like this:

One workaround would be to use 2/4 time signature and than set the quantization to 1/8 triplets, but for the same reason you don’t write music this way, I don’t want to program my music this way, so I’ll love an actual solution.

To summarize: I’m looking for a way to define the musical value of the space between the strong lines in the grid, which seems to be almost one quarter, to - for example - a dotted quarter.

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