Gridlines gone awry

Hi, bit of a novice on Cubase (using v7.5). For the last few years all has been ok with gridlines but now it seems something fundamental has gone wrong.

Working in a 4/4 project. All displays fine on the main project window. When I double click on an object to go into the object editor the gridlines appear to be random and not on the beats/bars. This means I can’t use the snap tool to align notes to the beats.

I have the settings on “Bar & Beats” so it doesn’t seem to be that.

Strangely, even if I load up an old project that I know “works” it still displays the grids wrong so it makes me think it’s a program setting rather than a project setting. I hope I’ve explained myself properly.

On the attached screenshot I have marked with blue arrows the grey subgridlines that appear to be in the wrong place and not on the beats.

Hope someone can help because it’s driving me mad!

Bump - can anyone help with this?

Hm, never saw something like that before. How to recreate that? Make bigger screenshot, whole Key Editor, project field.

What’s the quantize preset loaded? That looks like it could be a Groove Quantize Preset.

Thanks for the replies - been on holiday and moved house so my system is all packed away at the moment. Looking to get it back up and running again soon so will look into it again and report back.

Wow, thank you steve. I was messing around with a wav sample ages ago and it seems to have loaded something from that which was making it look odd. I’ve just reset it on the quantize panel to 1/4 and it’s all looking like it should.