Grille, quantatize, bars

Hello, when i change the bpm of a track the audio is changing as a time streching instead of the grille moving. And on the “type of grid” i can’t have “Bars”, “Quantize” etc … only seconds !!
Is it a bug or

Right click on this time ruller on the top of the screen, there you can change to bar, timeline, seconds etc

Hi Viktor, thank you for your message
here’s what i get …
but no “Bar” "Seconds, Time line etc …

Capture d’écran 2022-10-18 à 15.55.26.png

You need to right click on the ruler (or the little arrow button to the right of the ruler).

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Thanxx very much it works now .:slight_smile:

In Cubase the grid isn’t “moving” when you change the tempo, it’s the playback Cursor that moves slower or faster, hence your Events become shorter or longer to reflect that.