GRM Tools 3.5 bypass behaviour

Just wondering if there are any GRM Tools 3.5 VST users out there who have experienced an issue with bypass not working?
Activating the bypass on the plug-in instance (as an insert) has no effect, it just continues to route the processed signal.
This applies to N5.5.6 both 64 bit and 32 bit under Win 7 Pro x64.
I’ve also tried the N6.0.2 demo and find the same issue.
Has anyone else come across this?

Working here …


OK, but are you sure you didn’t click the main channel insert bypass switch rather than the bypass on an individual instance? I ask because GRM support replied [shortly after I had posted here] saying they have confirmed the problem as described, so if you are not experiencing it, I’m not sure what’s up here?

Kind of a late reply, but my bypass on GRM Tools does not work either.
Additionally, the values when automating GRM Tools parameters are not correct.


Just to add that several times when trying to remove A GRM plug-in from an insert slot Cubase crashes.