Groove Agant 4 sample editor for new kits

I want to be able to use the sample editor for vintage, rock and studio kit. Not just the GUI. The sample editor works for groove agent one content.

Hi MC,

sample editing ist only possible for Beat Agent Kits (that includes old groove agent one kits). All other agents (percussion and acoustic) don’t allow this.



I know.
But how do i trigger random snare samples? Or is it an automatic process by grove agent?

That should take place automatically if the kit contains multiple samples per instrument (and I think they did that).
Just play the snare with the same verlocity multiple time and have a listen :wink:

I wish GA4 allowed you to program Round Robin or random alternation so u could have that for different velocity levels. The Acoustic Agent is clearly programmed like that, so it´s a little weird that this programming is not allowed for user created stuff.