Groove Agent 1 and LM4 Programs

Is there any way to import LM 4 MK II Programs into Groove Agent One? I have a Halion available if that helps

Thanks in advance.

Thx for your reply, Steve! My problem actually is windows 7. I used to be happy with XP, but Steinberg cut the support from Cubase 6 on. In windows 7 I cant install the LM4 MkII any more. Simply doesn´t work. So I am afraid that once there is no workaround for XP any more, like for Wavelab, my phantastic drumsets which I bought for the LM4 will be gone forever.

I would be happy if there was a workaround for the LM4 installer for windows 7

God bless

Another example of time limited products - not fair

If you still have the LM4 Kits samples, yes you can import them back into any sampling software.

I did it with Battery, it takes a little effort, but the results are workable, in some cases the additional features are better.

Halion may actually be easier since you can drag a folder of samples onto the ‘sampler’, but beyond that things can get a bit more complex.

But if you really want it, yes it is possible, you just have to take a sunday and manually make the kits. IMO I love the old school quality, and used these kits in a lot of old songs, so it was worth it for nostalgia and back-compatibility.