Groove Agent 1 Velocity to Cutoff Freq

First post here chaps, so apologies if this is covered elsewhere.

Does anyone know if Grooveagent One can be configured so that the velocity of a pad hit will affect anything other than the cell volume.

I was thinking of the cool effect it would have if the velocity was applied to cutoff frequency, pan, attack etc. My first impression is no, but I wanted to run it past all the Cubase Ninjas in this forum before giving up.



Yes, that`s possible.

  • Click on the pad, which contains the pad to be modified.
  • Click on the FILTER option.
  • With MOD you can now define the intensity of Velocity over the Filter. Filter mut be activated.

Hope this helps.


That’s spot on. I knew that I was being thick there.
Thanks a lot for your help Roger

Glad I could help.
All the best.