Groove Agent 2 and 3

Any place where as Groove Agent 4 “owner” i can download the installation ISOs for Groove Agent 2 and 3 ? I remember working with 2 once and really liked it for quick and dirty drumtrack generating. Would really like to see if they work with Cubase 9 and Jbridge, like the 32bit virtual gutarists do. F

For me too and Hypersonic 2 would be nice.

I have Groove Agent 3, it doesn’t seem to work very well even if you use JBridge.

But I think Groove Agent 4 makes 3 completely redundant once you figure it out anyway, so I would suggest just spending some more time with it. GA4 also sounds a million times better out of the box.

Well, GA4 and to figure it out; spent too much time with trying just that; so i bought EZ drummer meanwhile, so much easier LoL. BTW one reason: Bought GA Jazz essentials recently, and there are no jazz waltz (3/4) grooves included. A real misser. F