Groove Agent 2 working WIN 7

I know that there are a few people that would like GA 2 to work on a new system like WIN 7 including myself so I spent some time trying figure it out.

Here is what I did:

  1. Downloaded VMare Player (installed use my old XP disc)
  2. Installed as per the site instructions
  3. While on XP OS, installed GA 2 with VMare Player
  4. Transferred GA 2 folder into WIN 7
  5. Moved the .dll into VST folder for my Cubase 5
  6. Used original dongle for GA 2
  7. Started Cubase 5 on WIN 7
  8. GA 2 is now working
    9.Then I uninstalled VMare (no need to have it taking up space)

Hope this helps for the people that still would like to have the option to use GA 2

when updating from xp to win7, can’t you just copy the GA2 folder from the Xp installation to windows 7 (so without installing VMare Player)? if not, what’s the difference when transfering the GA folder with VMware Player, does it also transfer registry settings or so?

Hi !

You’re a naughty boy, you have not read the forums well :smiley:

I put a message here some time ago How to use Groove Agent 2 on W7 64 - Virtual Effects and Add-ons - Steinberg Forums

Unless I haven’t understood your problem.