Groove Agent 3: download existing license to new dongle

I had my previous license dongle burn out on me because of a power problem with a USB hub. So I got a replacement and since then have also upgraded my system from XP to Windows 7. I now find that the eLicenser will not accept my Groove Agent 3 upgrade activation code, reporting that this activation code has already been used. Sure it has - on the old USB license dongle which does not exist anymore.

So what am I now supposed to do? Support for GA3 has effectively ended, and South Africa (where I live) is not listed on the Steinberg website as a country in which support is available.

Can anyone at Steinberg assist me?

PS I am TOTALLY opposed to any cracking of software and license codes - I want to do what is right inasmuch as I was prepared to pay the full price for the product in the first place. I do not expect the ending of support to mean that I have to now trash what has been a very useful product, and one which I intend to continue using even though I am one of those who, out of sheer loyalty to the brand, bought GA4 on the basis of an expectation of an improvement over GA3. It seems that this was a vain expectation …

And now I am getting REALLY annoyed - not only has the upgrade to the eLicenser and to Cubase 7.5 blasted my GA 3.x (upgrade) license, it has also obliterated my Cubase 4.5 license which means that I now cannot work in Cubase 4.5 on my older XP based system (… using Hypersonic, which of course will not install on Windows 7 x64) and GA3 with it’s MIDI sends which make it easy to create a separate audio track for each drum part.

What to do? Can anybody from Steinberg help???