Groove Agent 4.2.40 Maintenance Update

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the latest update for Groove Agent, version 4.2.40. The update provides global performance improvements on internal audio and MIDI processing.

The improvements are most relevant for the Acoustic Agents including the expansion kits like Nashville, Simon Phillips and The Songwriter’s.

Download Groove Agent 4 Update

Download Groove Agent SE 4 Update

Does this update apply to those who have Groove Agent 4 through Absolute 3? I can’t seem to get the update installed. I have Absolute 3, and the installer is telling me that I do not have a valid install of Groove Agent 4 on my computer.

Try uninstalling then reinstalling Groove Agent 4 to make sure that there’s nothing funky going on with your Windows registry.

That solved the problem. Thanks.

what about se4?

It didn’t fix my problem. SE4 is still in my blacklisted even though it came with LE9.5. Worked for 2 weeks than boom, nothing.