Groove Agent 4.2 New Browser Function

Hello, I cant seem to locate any midi loops in the new browser function. I see audio samples, and can play them in the browser preview. But, like shown in the New Features tutorial, I cant seem to locate any midi files. I have looked everywhere. Can anyone enlighten me, this will be one heck of a tool.



Maybe there aren’t any.
I cannot find any either.At least not in Groove Agent factory content or library.

It does work however. I browsed to NI Studio Drummer Midi folder and it played back the midi files.
So if you have any third party midi loops (well -midi files, I think midi loop is not quite the same in this context), you can audition them this way.

hello - try to rescan the folder (right click). some of the files are still not available. A bug???

Same here. No midi files to found anywhere. Odd.

The patterns that come Groove Agent are not standard MIDI files. The new browsing feature works for any 3rd party drum standard MIDI files that you have on your computer.

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Thanks People, I understand now. This GA4.2 is awesome, and now it all makes sense. Plus with the 3rd party compatibility with midi loops, anything is possible. Great job Steinberg! Playback on the browser is still a little glitchy. I’m not sure just yet if its me or the program. Check out GrooveMonkey for kick ass midi files with GA4 Mapping!


if only the groove monkey midifiles were showing up… no files, even after rescanning the folders.