Groove Agent 4 and Pro Tools 10

Hi all.

Can someone please direct me to some information on how to get Groove Agent 4 operating in Pro Tools 10?

Both are running fine independently. Just installed and registered GA today.

However, if I drag and drop a groove from GA into a PTs ‘instrument’ track, there’s no signal displayed and no output. I can see the MIDI parts, but there’s no actual sound.

I’ve searched far and wide. I can’t find any information so far.

Can anyone help?


Not sure, as I do not use PT… but I think PT only supports AAX/ TDM and RTAS plugins, while GA4 is only in AU (OSX) or VST2/ 3 format…

I think you try to run an unsupported format in PT…

Hi Vinnie.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I’ve since discovered that you are right. It’s an unsupported format.


I bought groove agent 2 and now it does not run on the OSX in any platform but leopard or snow leopard, of course that the OS must be upgraded for obvious web security reasons so now I was left with an obsolete version of grove agent 2.

Before I buy groove agent 4, can steinberg please have the courtesy to inform the following?
Can you please inform if steinberg groove agent 4 is not compatible with pro tools 10 and or pt11 - AAX - 64 bits?
will it be in a recent future?
Will steinberg be releasing AAX compatible version of grove agent 4 with pro tools 10 and or pt11 - AAX - 64 bits?

I’ll wait for groove agent 4 on my basket to finalise the purchase only the above can be guaranteed as I do not intend to leave Pro Tools. Thank you for your attention.

(My current OSX mountain lion on the laptop and OSX Mavericks on the desktop)

To run VST’s in PT’s you must use Blue Cat Patchwork…as shown in Russ’ video!

Groove Agent 4 for Pro Tools 12, Please.


GA4 is brilliant… much needed… At least with Halion now we can access any of the libraries native AAX…

But Padshop, Retrologue and Groove Agent would be amazing as AAX…

Since Halion has been done, I am hoping that bodes well for the future.