Groove Agent 4 doesn't seems to work

Hi everyone

I am new to this forum, so please excuse my ignorance if someone has posted this before

I bought the Absolute 3 VST Collection and just now only trying to explore the instruments in it.
I loaded Groove Agent as an instrument track in Cubase Pro 9.5
However it only shows the main screen of Groove Agent and nothing else
I can’t load any kits or patterns at all
When I right click on the main screen’s Kit 1 and click “load kit”
The secondary “Load Program to select slot” screen appears and a list of kits appears and then disappeared … sort of flicker on and then off

If I use the right TAB, MEDIA tab, I can see the drum kits and also add the kit name into Cubase
But the main Groove Agent screen still shows nothing
If I add in some midi notes to the added track, I can hear the drum sound but still main Groove Agent screen shows nothing

Using the browser function also doesn’t work

Can anyone advice what is happening or can direct me to any post about this issue?

By the way, I am using Windows 8,1
Roland Studio Capture USB audio interface
Cubase Pro 9.5 (64 bit)
Absolute 3
Dell XPS 8700 (i7-4790, 3.6o GHz) 16GB RAM

Thanks in advance

Those red minus signs by the presets in the “rock” folder don’t look good. Not sure exactly what they mean. Maybe can’t find the files or no license or something. Have you installed the content and activated the licenses? I can’t remember dor sure with GA but, like HALion, I think the content installs seperately.

Hi Jaslan

Thanks for your reply
It’s a licensed copy of Absolute 3 that I bought and download from Steinberg site and I have activated the licences
Halion is working fine though, but I have not tried the rest of the Vst
There were no warning screen or pop-ups when I load Groove Agent
Not sure what is happening

Sure hope someone can help or I have to contact Steinberg … not sure whether they will reply.


Have you tried reinstalling GA and the GA Factory Library?

Hi Jaslan

I did
The programs while loading says all items are installed and skipped the installation
I even update to the latest Groove Agent 4.2.40 Update
Still doesn’t work


Same problem here, after upgrade Cubase 9.5 > 10.
I don’t have Absolute 3, but GA 4 full version and many epansions, e.g. Simon Phillips Studio Drums.
None of my expansions can be loaded into GA 4, they are not even shown in my instrument list. I also see those red minus signs.
Not funny: this problem now exists even in Cubase 9.5!
I guess this is not a problem with GA 4 but with the new Steinberg Library Manager, which was installed automatically besides my Cubase 10 upgrade?

Sorry to hear you have the same problem… Steinberg do not directly support my area (Singapore) only by local Yamaha agent.
They gave me a number to contact, but I have not contacted them yet.
Not sure whether they will be able to help as they are primarily selling Yamaha products.
If you have found a solution, please do update me
Thanks in advance

Meanwhile i have installed GA 4 again, and one expansion afterwards. This did not help.
I have opened a support ticket now. Hope they can help…

Hi nomagic
If they do help you … please advice me as well.
I contacted local (Singapore) Yamaha agent … but all he can say is to re-install … which doesn’t solved the problem.

Thanks in advanced

One known problem is that you need to install with an administrative account and then use it in that administrative account.

My daws have only one user account to keep things simple. And even then i installed steiberg products “for all users”.
GA 4 worked well until i updated Cubase.
@Cliff: I haven’t heard from support until now - seems they have much work these days. I will post any solution here as soon as possible.

Got help from support now.
All i had to do is: Delete the folder Groove Agent_64 in … users … appdata\roaming\steinberg
My problem is solved, now i can load all kits/patterns again.

where i can find the folder Groove Agent_64 on macbook pro?System 10.11 El Capitan.

Hi nomagic

Thank alot for your reply.
I checked this folder and I found that there are files inside this folder.
You mentioned delete the folder … meaning all the files inside will be deleted as well … is that correct?
I found the folder (see photo attached below) … is this the correct folder with files to delete? Please advice
Google Photos

Can you also send by email the “help from support” to me so I can read it in its entirety?
You can delete all the personal information … I just need to know Steinberg’s reply on this issue.

Sorry to trouble you … my email

Thanks in advanced