Groove Agent 4 - how to address an agent


maybe stupid question: Well groove agent 4 has 4 Agents. how can I play the other three over the keyboard?
It always plays the first agent. I tried it with midi-channel 2 for the 2nd - but nothing happens.

Next very important question:
Is it possible to place e.g. 128 Kickdrums on one pad and then scroll through these 128 Samples with a cc-Controller until I found the right Kickdrum for my project?
On pad 2 I would place 128 Snares and so on.


It’s the same as any multitimbral VST, you have to create multiple MIDI tracks and route them to Groove Agent 4. Cubase automatically assigns them different MIDI channels.

Yes worked! 2nd Agent is on Midi-Channel 2.
Great. Can you maybe also answer my 2nd question? Maybe any suggestions?
thanks in advance!

Beat Agent only supports 8 samples per pad so I’m afraid that’s not possible.

What you can do is create “kick menu” and “snare menu” kits, where every note has a different kick or snare. This is how people did it back in the day.

If you want, you can assemble the final kit that will be used in your project by drag and dropping the samples you picked into a new instance of GA4.