Groove Agent 4 Problem

I have installed Groove Agent 4 onto a windows 10 laptop, and selected the MIDI Input to YAMAHA DTX900-1 and the Audio Output to Output 1 to a Focus rite Scarlett. Both are working, i.e. I can see the MIDI activity LED next to the MIDI Input light up when I hit a pad but there is no Audio and no activity on the MIDI Input Indicator in the Kit Slot. I know the Audio is working because if I use the mouse and click on an instrument in the drum kit in edit mode I can hear it.

Should say I using it in standalone mode.

I changed the MIDI Channel in the Kit Slot from 1 to 10 and now its working.

But every time I quit Groove Agent and restart it sets it back to channel 1.

Where do I set the channel to either to 10 in Groove Agent to make it persistent or in Hardware to 1
Is this set in the Drum Module?

Its not a major problem but every time use standalone groove agent 4.2. I have to do 3 things

a) set midi channel 10
b) turn the load patterns with drum kit off
c) set Hardware Controller Mapping on and select YAMAHA DTX900 from the preset

If I use it in Cubase AI9, only b and c are issues since MIDI channel 1 works.

If I use groove agent 4 SE in Cubase only c) above is an issue. There must be a simple way of making these default. Anyone know how to do it?

In Groove Agent 4.2 and the SE version the ride cymbal is not being choked when the “Choke” is active and set to Polyprs or Aftertouch. If it’s set to no note hitting the edge will choke it. The choke on crash cymbals works fine, and if I use a DTX kit and choke the ride that works too. Im using V3.1.4 Yamaha MIDI driver 64bit.